Super Goose!

Way back in April, my friend apple cyder sent Goose the fantabulous cape he’s sporting in the above picture. She even included a tutorial on how to make said cape on her blog. (I wish I were as crafty as she. She’s promised me a sewing lesson–we just have to find the time!) Why did I wait so long to post a photo, you ask? Well this past weekend was the first time that Goose actually wore the cape! For some reason, he was completely anti wearing it. He’d twirl it in the air, fling it around, and even force Alistair to wear it, but he just wouldn’t… until now.

Here he is from the front. In Goose’s world, the cape is best worn without pants–and with your shirt covered in blue ice cream. Heck, that’s been his wardrobe choice most days this summer!

Thank you, apple cyder, for the clever little cape! 🙂


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