Absolutely Brilliant!

Hello there!

It’s been forever since I posted. My aplogies. My trip to England was–as this post is entitled!–absolutely brilliant. I don’t think it was what my sister and I had imagined it would be, but it was a lot of fun. We stayed in a gorgeous cottage in Stafford, which I highly, highly recommend. From there, we drove around the country and explored–to Wales, Stratford-upon-Avon, Chester, and Stafford itself. We also spent two days touring London.

My sister and I had not spent that much time together since we were very little. But we survived! I think we got to know each other a lot better, and I know that we shared many wonderful adventures that are now terrific memories. Whenever I think of our trip, I can’t help but smile.

Here are a few photos…

The path leading to Stafford Castle, Stafford.

Aberdyfi, Wales

The Eye, Big Ben, and Parliament, London

A swan with a boat named Juliet, Stratford-upon-Avon

Clock tower, Chester

God save the Queen! Cheers! 🙂


My Bittersweet Holiday

Mommy Goose is headed across the pond tonight. I’m going to England with Auntie for a week. We’re headed to the English countryside, with planned visits to Stratford-upon-Avon, the Cotswalds, Wales, and, of course, London.

Goose and the Geek are staying home. This will be the longest time I’ve been away from my “baby” ever. I’m sad. And I feel guilty. At the wonderful suggestion of my friends J and T, I made special postcards for Goose–one for each day I’m away. I used lots of stickers and bright colors and tried to convey just how much I love him. I’m not sure he’ll get it, but I hope he will enjoy receiving them.

The trip is bittersweet for another reason–my friend JB was supposed to join us. She broke her ankle last weekend and cannot make the trip. I think I’m still in denial. The three of us have been planning this trip for months now, and I still can’t believe she isn’t coming. You will be missed, JB.

I have lots of packing to do and last minute details to wrap up. And after re-reading this, I think I need to cheer up a little, too! I’m going on vacation! I don’t have to listen to crabbing and whining and demands for snacks and juice for an entire week. WOO-HOO! 🙂

What a Day!

Yesterday was a roller coaster day for us.

It started well. Goose had a doctor’s appointment to check on his asthma. He’s doing so well that we no longer need to use the nebulizer! Woo-hoo! That means a whole lot fewer fights in our household. The Fla-Vor-Ice company might be upset by this news, though, since we’ve consumed way too many of their popsicles over the past months. Goose was bribed with them. I–and so many of our guests!–just like ’em.

From the doctor’s, we went to a friend’s house to play. That’s where the day took a turn. Goose was OK for a while. Then he spotted his friends’ paints. Since the other kids were occupied with other things, and I really didn’t want to deal with the mess he would make, I firmly (and repeatedly) told him that he couldn’t paint. That led to a major tantrum–several, actually. He’d calm down, then go through the whole process again. And again. And again. Finally, in the middle of eating a yummy lunch, Mommy Goose had had enough, and we left.

Back home, the histrionics continued. Every attempt to calm or console him failed. Clearly, my Goose needed a nap. I knew he wouldn’t sleep willingly, so we hopped in the car for a ride. That always works. And it did. But there was a problem… In my haste, I had left my wallet on the car’s roof. How? Why? Well, that’s the best place to put stuff when you’re fastening your kid into his car seat. Admit it: You do it, too!

I drove home the same way I came, searching the road frantically. The wallet contained my driver’s license (which I had JUST RENEWED LAST WEEK!), three credit cards, my debit card, and more cash than I ever usually carry. Ugh! To make matters worse, I’m going to England next Friday and desperately need all this stuff to take with me. Ugh x 25,000,000!

Well, I didn’t find it. I returned home, put my sleeping Goose into his bed, and then proceeded to have a tantrum of my own, not unlike the ones Goose displayed today. In the midst of it, the Geek conducted his own search for the wallet, but didn’t find it. Amid tears, I called my bank and cancelled my debit card. It SHOULD be here in 5-7 business days… about the time we plan to visit London. Great!

I was on hold to one of the credit card companies when there was a knock at the door… [dramatic pause] It was a guy with [wait for it!] MY WALLET! [applause] My knight in shining denim! [cue the “Hallelujah Chorus”]

Yahoo! He’d found it two blocks away. I wanted to give him a reward, but he wouldn’t take it. “I lose my wallet all the time,” he said. I wanted to give him a kiss… but the Geek was right there. So, instead, I gave him my heartfelt thanks–and cried some tears of joy. 🙂

Oh, and it turns out I made one more mistake: Never use your wallet to store lip balm. If several cars drive over it, you’ve got a horribly sticky mess!

Of Bats and Bunnies…

I think this post might fall under the Uncle Richie category, as in a creative notion Goose got from an unknown source. Yesterday, after we returned from a busy morning at the beach, Goose sat down to watch an episode of “Little Bill.” Mommy Goose sought refuge in the kitchen, where I fed my Internet addiction. About 10 minutes later, Goose burst into the room demanding we go find “bats and bunnies.” He needed to go for a walk to look for them–and he needed to go now.

We put on Alistair’s gear and set out on a search for bats and bunnies. He insisted he wanted a brown bunny–no, a white one. He wanted to hold it and pet it. Moments later, he turned to me and asked, “Is Mommy a bunny?” I said that I wasn’t. “Is Goose a bunny?” I said that he wasn’t. “That’s silly,” he agreed, and insisted we keep looking for “bats and bunnies.” Needless to say, we didn’t find any…

I searched “Little Bill” to see if there was an episode about bats and bunnies. Nope. Maybe he’s thinking of the bunny that hopped past our Cape house each evening? (See below.) Maybe…

And this afternoon, when again Goose insisted on finding bats and bunnies, I went to my trusty old computer and searched Google images. (Never mind that searching “bunnies” also retrieves the Playboy variety!) The pictures satisfied him for a while, but it took a late afternoon playdate to finally put our quest to bed.

I do plan on decorating with bats for Halloween, now that he’s suddenly interested. And maybe a stuffed bunny will find its way to my Goose. We’ll certainly look for books on bats and bunnies on our next trip to the Library. But for now, the pictures will have to suffice.

Happy (belated) Birthday to ME!

Tuesday was Mommy Goose’s (gulp) 34th birthday. (I don’t think I look a day over 32, but anyway….)

Goose and I took the train into NYC that morning.

We went to the Central Park Zoo with some good friends. Unfortunately, none of those pictures turned out so great. That’s because someone–who shall remain nameless–was running around like crazy and refusing to sit in his stroller, preventing me from getting good shots. Nevertheless, it was a nice time. We loved the swimming polar bear and all the penguins!

That night, the Geek drove in, and we all went to Carmine’s with Auntie. Goose helped select what we ate. Yummy!

Unfortunately, Goose also got his first-ever bloody nose. (Happy Birthday to Mommy Goose indeed!) He was jumping up and down by the edge of the table and hit his nose. There weren’t many tears, since he was more fascinated by the blood than hurt.

(And no comments about the bloody napkin, please. We brought it home and disposed of it.) Thankfully, Carmine’s is so noisy, hardly anyone knew about the drama at our table.

That is, except for the lovely older couple seated next to us. Grandparents themselves, they took a liking to Goose, played with him, and even gave him some money for his piggy bank. The Surrogate Grammy knew all the verses to the “Spiderman” theme, which fascinated both Goose and Mommy. I didn’t even know there was a third verse! She also skimmed through Goose’s new dinosaur book with him.


The couple assured us we didn’t ruin their dinner. I think they made Mommy Goose’s birthday celebration even more special! There really are nice New Yorkers out there! 🙂

Back to Reality…

We’re back! Actually, we got back from the Cape on Saturday. But sorting through the piles of mail, suitcases of laundry, and bags of stuff is taking up much of Mommy Goose’s spare time.

All in all, it was a fantastic vacation. The weather was good, the hermit crabs were plentiful, the food was delicious, and the company was delightful. Details–and pictures!–to follow. I just downloaded over 400 to my computer!

For now, here’s a cute one of Goose relaxing on Craigville Beach. Ah, summer… 🙂